viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

A new teaching sequence : A LOST DREAM.......By Lookup Claudia and Fortuño Maria Alejandra

Task 1 :
The Ss have to enter to the teacher's blog,watch a video and listen to the song"My heart will go on",then they will visit the link/ original video footpage/in order to get information about the greatest ship ever built.
After watching to the video and visiting the link the teacher will ask the Ss what they know about the topic.
Ss will take some notes on the blackboard,taking into account their previous knowledge.

Task 2

Ss have to summarize the information in a few sentences.The teacher will monitor the groups giving appropiate assistance while they are doing a draft copy.After that they will write a final vertiion.

Task 3

Ss have to read the information again to answer what are the tenses involved and why? .The teacher will emphasize " the use of the simple past" and will give some oral examples making reference to the info the have.
After that they have to copy their summary to a text processing software programme.They have to underline all the verbs and classify them into regular or irregular .Write some comments about the tragedy.
Task 4 

Ss have to look at a front page of the times dated on April 16 ,1912, they have to read it in order to create their own front page for the tragedy.
They do several draft copies while being monitored by the teacher.When they have the final vertion ready they use the powerpoint programme to get a vertion to be published on the school blog.


Ss  will published all the front pages and their comments on the school blog.The blog will be shown at the end of the year to all the schollar community

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  1. Now it's much better.. There are cleares steps in your class. If I were you, during the eliciting perio d (T writes on bb), I'd only resort to nown phrases (=concepts) so that they find the writing task (#2) + challenging.
    I still don't quite agree with the underlining task (= recognition)& the 2nd part (write on their netbooks) seems to be the same as the previous one.
    " They have to underline all the verbs and classify them into regular or irregular .Write some comments about the tragedy.">>>I'm afraid I do not see the connection between one sentence and the other.
    Good follow up & evolution of work though drafts.
    Pls, note: verSion.

    Good job

    stella :-)